Head, Shoulders, Genes & Toes

Posted on January 28, 2013

7 Days 2013 card

The slightly altered nursery song lyrics of Judy Rushin’s title make an ideal entree into the unexpected dimension of artists using the material world of science to draw fascinating psychological parallels and create installations. Science must be precise and logical. Art moves organically, like the subject of medicine, the human corpus, and visual artists connect disparate ideas: they compound imageries, force comparisons, and equate the temporal news of the day with timeless archetypes and design aesthetics. Some artworks in the exhibition were made by professional scientists, others are by artists who are working with the tropes and imagery of medicine and the human condition.


Visiting Artist Lecture for Head, Shoulders, Genes & Toes: Joe Davis from MIT/Harvard. Fine Arts Building Lecture Hall, Rm. 249, Thurs. February 28th at 7:00 pm. The highly acclaimed documentary film Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis, directed by Peter Sasowsky, will be screened in conjunction with the exhibition at All Saints Cinema, March 1, 2013 at 7:30 pm.

Head, Shoulders, Genes & Toes runs from the opening on Friday, February 8th through Sunday, March 31st.